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Orion Taraban, Psy.D.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that I have recently joined The Wise Mind Institute as a post-doctoral psychological assistant (PSB94022616). As a result, I am currently accepting new patients and growing my professional referral network.

My approach to psychotherapy is pragmatic, with the ultimate goal of the work to improve quality of life and mitigate unnecessary suffering. To that end, I employ an eclectic synthesis of acceptance and change techniques culled from Western existential philosophies, Eastern spiritual disciplines, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy regimens. I place a particular emphasis on the process of self-realization in the service of individual authenticity and consequently work with many high-achieving clients who nevertheless feel somehow unfulfilled. Depression, narcissism, and relationship difficulties are particular areas of specialization.  

With a research background in applied mindfulness and fifteen years of meditation experience, I believe firmly in the transformative potential of attention. Whether as a means of overcoming limiting beliefs or manifesting latent potentials, the development of awareness into unconscious attentional biases forms an integral part of my work. By clarifying values and providing compassionate feedback, I encourage clients to live with greater courage and equanimity. Please see the October 2016 issue of Mindfulness for more information on my empirical research.

Earlier this year, I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology – San Francisco (CSPP-SF). Over the course of my training, I worked in many different treatment settings, including: Ohlhoff Outpatient Recovery Programs, OMI Family Services Center, and Burton High School. I recently completed a two-year pre-doctoral internship at the Cancer Support Center, providing psychosocial services to cancer patients and their families. I am currently under the direct supervision of Dr. Wes Pederson (PSY 26040).  

Should you have any questions about my services, feel free to contact me directly. Thank you for your interest and attention. I look forward to our future collaboration.


Orion Taraban