The Wise Mind Institute is a training and treatment center dedicated to holistic psychotherapeutic care. Founded by Dr. Chris Harrison (PSY 23743) and Dr. Wes Pederson (PSY 26040), the Institute offers empirically supported treatments for clients and advanced training for post-doctoral clinicians. Our core values of wisdom, compassion and mindfulness inform all that we do. Our clinicians receive advanced training in the following modalities: existential-humanistic psychotherapy; Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT/RO-DBT); interpersonal neurobiology. These treatment models allow our therapists to meet the varied needs of the people who seek our assistance.

The Institute offers brief and extended courses of psychotherapy for a wide range of presenting issues. We specialize in the treatment of dual diagnosis (combined substance use and mental health disorders), issues of emotional over-control and under-control, grief and loss, and life transitions. All staff clinicians receive weekly individual and group supervision with Drs. Harrison and Pederson.